I teach Leung Ting WingTsun®.

We use this spelling of Wing Chun to show we are referring to this specific family of the martial art though it is pronounced the same as Wing Chun.

Our Focus

We teach overcoming a greater strength by not resisting directly with strength; rather letting the opponent's strength move us out of the way.  We borrow their strength and then add our own in the attack.  This is first accomplished by developing sensitivity through slow precise movements.  Speed, then strength and then aggression are added as expertise increases.

Our Teaching System

There are a series of 12 steps, called student grades, with specific requirements that build upon each other to reach expert level - primary technician.  The expectations and requirements are set out in writing and are given to each student so it is clear what they need to do to progress to the next level.  The system continues to build upon itself in this manner until mastery is achieved.

Our Organization

By joining our school you become part of the larger Leung Ting WingTsun family.  This comes with opportunities to train with other students and senior instructors from the region offering diverse perspectives on WingTsun.  In our area the other school is in Chinatown in San Francisco.  There are schools in several cities in the USA and we are headquartered in San Antonio.  We have a large international presence, most notably the IWTA Hong KongEWTO & EEWTO with more than a thousand schools.  Though hard to quantify to those that don't know him, we also have access to Grandmaster Leung Ting, the founder of our system and a constant advocate for our continued improvement.  He visits yearly to San Antonio.