Class Times

I teach two 90 min classes weekly.  Classes are arranged based upon availability of students and myself weekly.  We usually aim for 10:30am Tuesday, Thursday and/or Friday.


Classes are in my garage that has been remodeled into a training studio.  See photo below.  The AC is really nice in the summer.


There is no charge to attend your first class.  However I recommend that you reserve a 20 minute mini private lesson for $20 prior to your first class so I can give you focused time to start you off more efficiently.  Should you choose to stay, the $20 is applied towards your first month's dues.  New students may pay for a single month of classes at $120 prorated for the amount of month remaining when you start.

After that, all students pay $300 per quarter [Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec].  There is an additional $20 off per month for students (so $240 per quarter).  There is an additional discount for those that will pay a full calendar year in advance ($1000/$800 student).

After the first class, I require all students to join the Leung Ting WingTsun organization - $60 per year, prorated the first year starting the month you begin.


Davis Wing Tsun uniforms can be found at the Davis Wing Tsun Store

Students are also welcome to wear Leung Ting Wing Tsun training shirts.  They can be found at the Wing Lam Enterprises online store

Starting students through student grade 8 wear the shirt with white shoulders.  All students wear black shorts or pants.

Private Lessons

I encourage private lessons as it offers the best opportunity for rapid skill improvement.  After learning the foundations, Wing Tsun skill development is based upon touch sensitivity and in this setting I am hands on with the single student taking the lesson.  This method is how I do most of my own training and for those that can do it I recommend it.  Cost for members of the school is $60 for each hour and is paid in advance of the meeting.  If 10 hours are prepaid there is a 10% reduction in the cost.  If there is a cancellation less than 3 hours before the scheduled start time the money paid is not refunded.