Learn Modern Kung Fu

WingTsun kung fu is built for precision and effectiveness.  A traditional martial art, it is constantly growing and changing to stay on the cutting edge of self defense.

Build Self Confidence

We build you up step by step starting at any skill level.

Relaxed Family Setting

WingTsun and Chinese martial arts are taught in an uncompetitive family setting.

My name is Devin Harper and I am the instructor of this school.  I have trained WingTsun since 2004 when I started as an undergraduate at UC Davis.  I have tried many martial arts and have come to love Leung Ting WingTsun.  It is truly unique and as you progress you gain an understanding of not just WingTsun, but all fighting arts.  I hope along the way you also learn about yourself and apply the lessons to your life as I strive to do.

I love to teach.  I look forward to meeting you and sharing this martial art that I love with you.