Rowing in Wing Tsun

I believe that if I am not actively working to improve, my skills decline.  This is similar to rowing upriver - if you stop, you slowly float backwards.

When I say actively working to improve, in WingTsun I mean working with instructors better than myself.  I feel that in the intervening time between my quarterly trips to San Antonio my Wing Tsun slowly erodes and I come back honed.  As long as I can keep rowing, I know I will improve.

I have wondered when I can stop trying to get better.  Luckily in Leung Ting WT we have a set of grades/ranks from student grade 1 to practitioner grade 10 - for nearly everyone, that is more than enough.

For the select few that reach this point even they continue to search to improve.  GGM Leung Ting is always revising his teaching program, Sifu Kernspecht continues to delve into Inner WT and has a new book on expanding Chi Sao out soon in English, some have spent additional years training grappling/MMA, escrima, etc.  Even they haven't stopped rowing.

This is often on my mind and was prompted by reading work of Sifu Kernspecht.