I have weekly class every Monday 3:30-5:pm.  I am now teaching out of my garage off Cowell & Mace Blvd in Davis. It fits small groups well.

I have also been offering a second class weekly on Friday mid morning based upon the availability of students on Monday.


Classes after the initial class will be $60 per month.  It is $50 per month if 3 months are pre-paid and $45 per month if 6 months or 12 months are pre-paid.  This covers both weekly classes.

After the first class, I require all students to join the Leung Ting WingTsun organization - $5/month payment for remaining months of the year and to wear a proper uniform (white T shirt and black shorts or pants).  Our supplier with Wing Lam (www.wle.com) and uniforms found under the Uniform tab.


Private Lessons

I encourage private lessons as it offers the best opportunity for rapid skill improvement.  After learning the foundations, Wing Tsun skill development is based upon touch sensitivity and in this setting I am hands on with the single student taking the lesson.  This method is how I do most of my own training and for those that can do it I recommend it.  Cost is $40 for each hour or $360 for 10 hours prepaid.